Saturday, September 1, 2007


'NAA PERU BUDUGU.INKO PERU PIDUGU.MA BAMMA HAARI PIDUGA ANTUNDHI.....' a perfect introduction about this frisky child.

This is one of my favourite cartoon characters.Every year book exhibition will be arranged in my home town during the first week of january.And by default it was my dad's responsbility to take me there. Inspite of his busy schedule he spares a day for me in that week and finally I will be getting my precious new year gifts(ofcourse lots of books).I think I was in my sixth standard when my father bought this beautifull book for me from book exhibition.

Before and after that I got many books in addition to weeklies like 'BALA MITHRA' 'CHANADAMAMA' 'TINKEL'.......But I don't know why this character fascinated me more when compared to others.I read the book so many times that my dad had to face the wrath of my mom for my wastage of time. BUDUGU character is just like the children in our household.The way he creates troubles, he questions his father about silly issues,his help to his babai in his love matter etc., every thing seems funny.Mullapudi Venkata Ramana created the character with the childish dialogues like 'AACHARAPOYANNU' 'NIJJANGA'and also he pronounces his girl friend's name as 'See Gana Prasunamba'(Sree Gyana Prasunamba).These simple narrations bring us the remainder of kids next door who questions us with their doubts.Infact the name of BUDUGU itself brings smiles in our faces. May be this might be the reason for the everlasting impression on me.

Budugu made me fan of Mullapudi Ramana.B'coz till then I donno anything about his artistic skills.It is only after reading his book I came to know his films and writings.Recently I came to know about this online book in Bapu's official site.People who want to enjoy this mischievous kid's acts can check this out.Once again hats off to Ramana for his artistic creation.


priyathama said...

hai so nice write on budugu

swetha said...

a very nice one........makes me feel even i havta know this kiddo.....BUDUGU..hehe

krishna said...

yeah frn,really i luv this book soooooooo much........will read atleast one page a day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Mallikarjun said...

interested to make short animated films out of this (not commercial).
any source/link of online book.

Anonymous said...

I think you may want to place a facebook button to your website. Just bookmarked this url, but I had to make this manually. Just my advice.